Glass Wave

Glass Wave

Glass Wave

One of my favorite things to photograph is the ocean right before sunset.occasionally the wind stops and the water glasses off creating a mirror like surface. With the right tide and conditions the wave will suck the water off of the beach and for a brief second this is what it looks like.

10-1-13 Marine St. Waves

WMed Offshore glass

One of my favorite spots to shoot waves is Marine St. in La Jolla CA. With the right swell angle it can provide some massive shorebreak. Some of the kind that one does not want to paddle out into without fins. The the strong undertow will suck you out and leave you floating in the middle of the ocean looking around wondering how in the world your going to get back to shore. This photo is a good example of what an oncoming, overhead glassy wave at Marine st looks like. Right before it breaks it sucks all of the water off the beach and up into the face of the wave. It can be quite exhilarating.

WMed AwesomeThis is the next frame of the previous wave, as you can see it throws a heavy barrel with a translucent lip.


Outside looking in




I call this photo “Looking out, Looking in”. I dont typically share photos that have any seaweed in them, because I think seaweed is disgusting. It ruins a photo and simply distracts the viewer from enjoying the image. The only exception is when the wave is so big that it masks the seaweed. This photo is a perfect example of such a situation. This massive shorebreaking wave is full of seaweed and life.


Wmed - Marine st Bombs


Glassy reflections are the result of many factors simultaneously happening at the same time. This wave sucked so much water off the beach that it turned the surface of the water into an almost glass like surface. This accompanied with an extremely fast shutter speed on my camera (1/4000th of a sec) can capture and freeze the reflection as it bends up into the wave.


Dude about to get CrushedThis was by far the biggest and meanest wave that came in this particular day. It originally broke out deeper than Ive ever seen a wave break at this spot. Everyone in the water was hooting and hollering at each other to start swimming. This isn’t the kind of wave you want to take on the head. It would hurt you!I paddled and paddled as hard as I could for the horizon not expecting to be anywhere near in position to capture this wave when it broke. Miraculously it jacked up right in my face and threw the most massive barrel of the day. I lifted my camera and prayed that no water was on the lens to ruin it. When I got home and saw the results I couldnt be more stoked…. If you look close you can see a guy caught on the inside about to take this massive wave on the head, it also provides a bit of perspective of the size of this wave.

Keys Creek Lavender Farm

Keys Creek Lavender Farm

Keys Creek Lavender Farm

Keys Creek Lavender Farm


A wide angle lens can be a good choice for flower photography

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The Keys Creek Lavender Farm located in the northern most part of San Diego is a little known getaway from the hussle and bussle of SoCal life. The drive up a well beaten, wash boarded dirt road, reveals this hidden oasis. Upon arrival you are greeted by the lush aroma of Lavender, mixed with the beautiful blooming purple flowers it is a must see destination, and a great place to take photos of flowers. For more information visit their website




























Sunset Surfer

Cut back - Wmed

WindanSea – Sunset Surfer

In photography timing is everything. Especially when it comes to sunsets and surfing.  Occasionally you can combine both into one photo. These happen to be some of my favorite photos. Watching the sunset, waiting and hoping that somebody catches a set wave as the sun breaks the horizon, rides it perfectly and that I have my camera settings just right….. Without all 3 it doesn’t work…..